LAMB: I remember years and years ago seeing a photo of a little girl, about the same age you are now, dressed up in her mothers wedding dress. For some reason that photo always stuck with me. I remember thinking “If I had a little girl I would love to do something like that. It’s just too bad I’m never going to have kids”.  I’m not entirely sure where my wedding dress is at the moment but I have the veil stored at the bottom of my wardrobe, all wrapped up in tissue paper. So I dug it out today and dusted off the cobwebs. It took a little convincing to get you to wear it, though. I tried to explain to you what it was, that Mummy wore it when she got married to Daddy and that it was very special. You only looked at me blankly. “Okay” I said when all else had failed, “two marshmallows?”. And with that you let me pin the veil in your hair. You even complied with at least 30% of my instructions.
P.S: I’m so glad I finally changed my mind about having children. Best decision of my life.

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  1. that is one special photo. one she will treasure too one day without doubt. no marshmallows necessary!

    loved seeing this on fb in the week. the colour choice was perfect. x

  2. Beautiful. There's something so sweet about a little girl in a veil. I took a similar photo for my weekly portrait at the start of the year of my little girl who was desperate for me to drag out my own wedding dress after we'd seen a wedding. That photo remains one of my favourites 🙂

  3. Such a beautiful portrait. I'm so drawn to your lovely girl's eyes. Definitely my favourite this week. A photo to treasure I'm sure. Holly.x


  4. What a beautiful photo. You captured it beautifully. And for two marshmallows? My kids are a little older and would need a whole packet of bribes to do what I want. Make the most of her innocence!

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