LAMB: You woke up this morning with tears in your eyes. When I asked you what was wrong you sniffed and said, “I had a really bad dream, Mummy. There was a big wave and…. and…. it took Feo away!”. You sniffed some more, rubbed you eyes then added “I just really love him”.


FOX: You have been particularly fond of a stuffed blue puppy dog lately. When I told you that your sister picked it out for you when I was pregnant and gave it to you when she first met you at the hospital, you hugged it tight and said ‘love it’. We looked everywhere but we couldn’t find him before we went on our walk this afternoon so you took your ‘di-saw’ instead. When we got home we discovered that he had been hiding behind the bed the whole time. You giggled and said ‘silly doggy’.


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