Fox, the unwitting victim of Lamb’s new doctor’s kit. 
LAMB: I took you to the toy shop today and told you that you could pick out one toy to give to your baby brother for Christmas. First, you pointed to a Peppa Pig doll house and I had to remind you that the present was in fact for your brother, not you (something which I had to reiterate quite a few more times before leaving the store). Then you picked out a huge, red beach buggy, the kind that you can actually get in and drive. I agreed that Fox may have enjoyed receiving this sort of present, but I explained that we would have to rip a hole in our wall to get it into our house, and that even then we would probably have to move because there would be no space left for us. In the end it was a choice between Mr. Potato Head and a small plastic dinosaur. With the decisiveness of a three year old you picked Mr. Potato Head. Then the dinosaur. Then Mr. Potato Head again. But not before making sure that, even though the present was for your brother, you could still play with it too.

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