222/365 { LAMB }

LAMB: Some one said something that really stuck with me yesterday, they said something along the lines of: “For a child, bringing home a newborn baby would feel similar to how you would feel if your husband brought a mistress to come and live with you”. With this in mind and after reflecting on our difficult week I’m really making an effort to be more patient with you. I’m taking every opportunity to give you my undivided attention, to sit and play games with you and just enjoy your company.  I now realise how much I’ve missed our one-on-one time. In the early stages of my pregnancy with Fox I remember feeling quite fearfully that we wouldn’t have as much mummy-daughter time once the baby arrived. Somehow, it happened without me even realising it. Now that things are settling back down and I’m getting into to swing of juggling the needs of two little people I really look forward to us spending more time together, just like we used to.

Thank you to everyone who wrote such kind comments on my post the other day. It makes the world of difference to know there are other people out there who are going through or have been through similar things.

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  1. Beautiful post, and such a good reminder to all of us experiencing motherhood one child at a time. Mother guilt can eat us up at times, so remember you're doing an amazing job! xxx

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