I have to admit, my ideal holiday consists of relaxing at home with some photos to edit, an interesting radio podcast to listen to, and a hefty slab of chocolate. No nagging children, no housework, no distractions. But when my friend asked me to photograph what would possibly be the most awesome wedding ever, well, I couldn’t refuse. What’s more, they wanted ‘fly on the wall’ photos. They wanted me to document the day without the posey bride being held up by the groomsman type of thing. And there was going to be a traditional tea ceremony. A tea ceremony! So you see, I really had no option but to pack up the family and take them on a sojourn to the beautiful Blue Mountains. I spent much of today packing our things. I marveled at how much stuff is required for a family of four to go on a three day trip. Of course, whether three different bonnets, three different knitted beanies, at least three outfits for each day and a unicorn are essentials is a matter of opinion.

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