Likes:Tutus, fish fingers, Sally Bollywood, singing “it’s raining, it’s pouring”, drinking the bath water when you think Mummy isn’t watching.
Dislikes: Standing still, having your photo taken, the number five.
When you count you always leave out the number five. I have no idea why. The other day you were counting nappies, “one, two, free, four, sick, seven”. “What about five? Where is five?” I said. You looked around the room and shrugged. “I find it latter” you replied.

Favourtie Phrases:
What dis one is?
What doing?

While talking to Nanny on the phone you accidentally hung up on her mid sentence. With a look of utter confusion on your face you took the phone away from your ear, held it out in front of you and yelled “Nanny? Nanny? Where are you Nanny?”

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