‘whys’ are in full swing at the moment. I know this is a completely
normal stage for you to be going through but gosh, it does my head in
You: Are we there yet? 
Me: Not yet, sweetheart.
You: Why?
Me: Because…. we’re…….. not.
You: Will there be cake there?
Me: We will have to wait and see.
You: Why?
…. and on it goes, what feels like the same conversation. All day.
the other hand, I’m glad you have this natural inquisitiveness. You
want to know everything and I only wish I had all the answers ready for
you. It makes me realise how little I actually know. It also helps me to
remember how young you still are. Too often I fall into the trap of
treating you like a rational adult, only to quickly become frustrated
with you. But then you say something so innocent and beautiful and I’m
reminded that you are still so small. Like when I tell you that trees drink water through their roots and you look up at me say: “Do da twees
have blood and teefs too?” Or when I tell you that some spiders dig holes and live underground and you look perplexed and ask if they have a bucket and spade. Or when I ask you how much you love Mummy
and you hold up five fingers and exclaim “Dis many!” Because to you, five is an awful lot.

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  1. Your little lamb is the same age exactly (I just did the maths) as my Quinn and your conversation sounds awfully familiar. And it is no less frustrating the third time around – it just depends on my state of mind. Such sweetness too. On a side note I am going to knit one of those bonnets for my baby's birthday and perhaps add a whistle to the wrapping in the hopes she will keep it on!

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