If I had to choose one word to describe you at the moment it would be: theatrical. You’ve always had a talent for the dramatics but recently you’ve become increasing aware of your own cuteness and you are more than willing to use this to your advantage. Especially when you’re in trouble. Your imagination is also in full swing. All your toys are alive, just about anything can be used as a pretend telephone and monsters lurk around every corner. Sometimes you even need to be escorted to the bathroom, just in case. The other day, while we were waiting for your father to pick us up from the shopping centre, we wandered into the two dollar shop and started trying on all the hats in the costume section. I put on a kings crown and you put on a policeman’s hat.  Suddenly, a fierce dragon appeared, but luckily the brave police Sargent came to rescue the terrified king. You grabbed my hand and whisked me to safety before insisting that we swap hats and start again. I was vaguely aware of the awkward glances of passing strangers while the mini drama in aisle nine played out. To be honest I felt a teeny bit self-conscious. But you were having so much fun and I was more than happy to indulge you. Plus, you looked so cute in your over-sized policeman’s hat.

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