Well I guess I should start planing a party because you will be one next month. ONE!

Last month you started taking a few tentative steps here and there, but this month you are off and running (well, not quite running). I’m still getting used to the idea of my baby walking on his own and it’s slowly sinking in that you are more little boy than baby now. Occasionally you will lose your balance, fall on your bum and revert to crawling again, that cute little shuffle/slide/crawl that you’ve always done. I take these moments as reassurance that there are still little bits of baby left in you. You are proving to be a determined little character and you become frustrated very easily. You clench your fists and squeal when something refuses to what you want it to. You are also following in your sisters footsteps by showing a complete and utter disregard for sleep. You are only napping once a day and even then, you do it reluctantly. I practically have to pin you to the bed while you squirm and complain until you eventually succumb to your body’s desire to sleep.

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  1. he has the most gorgeous eyes. I'm from Montgomery, Alabama in the good ole USA, and I'm loving how creatively you photograph your kids. It's amazing and so incredibly inspiring

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