The days have been hot and we have been hibernating. We only emerge from our cave-like house to hop into the car and drive to the beach, the creek or somewhere air-conditioned.  I’m still taking a photo a day (I can’t seem to stop) but I’m only posting once or twice a week, the idea being that it will free up a bit of time for me to do other things. So far the only other thing I’ve managed to do is to take more photos. The other day I (literally) dusted off my Mamiya RB67s (basically just a big, heavy, cumbersome film camera that needs to be mounted onto a tripod and is ridiculously frustrating to use) and set up a photo shoot with Lamb. The only problem was that I needed her to stand still in the one spot for at least three seconds. I should have known better.

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  1. Stunning photos of your children as usual. There seems to be some sort of magic in each one. I'm glad I discovered your blog, I look forward to your 52 week portrait photos.

  2. I love your dancing baby.. And we are hibernating here in USA as well but only to go out when it's not freezing in a heated car into a heated building..It's wonderful to my eyes to see such warmth!

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