1/52 By Lamb
I’ll be doing things a little differently this year. I figured just because Lamb won’t be in the frame much this year it doesn’t mean that she can’t contribute to the project. We will both be doing a portrait of Fox every week in 2016.  The top one will be taken by me and the bottom one will be by Lamb. At the moment I’m selecting the setting on the camera for her, trying not to give her any direction and (of course) doing all the editing. She is taking great pleasure in telling her little brother where to stand and what to do. Though he doesn’t always listen. I can’t wait to see her proud face when I hand her her very own photo book at the end of the year.

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  1. What a wonderful idea! I cannot wait to see what she creates. A child's perspective is often very creative, without trying and always interesting.

    Thinking of you as Lamb transitions from home life with Mama and Fox to big school. I'm glad you have this exciting project together with her this year, I hope it helps to ease the pain of separation. xx

  2. I love seeing how children photograph/see the world. Jarvis (my 4 year old son) asked for and got a new camera for Christmas. Before that he had been using my old point and shoot that was held together with tape and the viewing screen was broken.
    My partner has even set up a blog just for Jarvis to show case his photography.

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