Remembering not to forget { Lamb 37 months }

LAMB: There are so many moments in the day when you say something and I think “I have to write that down”, but by the evening time when I finally crawl into bed I’ve either forgotten or I’m too tired to keep my eyes open. My mother is always telling me to write everything down because you forget about all the funny or poignant little things they say and do. But life gets so hectic that by the time I remember to write things down, I’ve already forgotten what they are. You are out with your Aunty at the moment and your brother is fast asleep next to me, so instead of doing housework or one of the million and one other things I need to get done, I thought I’d take a moment to record a few little things about you.

This morning while taking some pictures of you you said: “Nuff foto. Mummy has too many foto”. Despite this being all too true I tried to explain to you that for mummy, taking a good photo is a bit like how you feel when you eat chocolate. I should have used a different analogy because all you heard was the word chocolate. You eyes lit up, “Pwwweeees mummy, just one chokit?”.

Your rendition of Humpty Dumpty:
Humpy Dumpy sat in the wall,
Humpy Dumpy fall in the wall,
All the kings men and horses,
Couldn’t put Humpy gether again.
(pause for applause)

Yesterday – something that happened within the past few weeks.
Last week – something that happened within the past year or so.

Favourite movie: Dispicable me.
Favourite shows: Peter Rabbit, Sally Bollywood and (of course) Peppa Pig.

Daddy cut his hair a few months back. You feircly disapproved. Now, even though his hair has grown back and is perhaps even longer than before, you still take every opportunity to make your feelings known about Daddy’s ‘yucky hair’.

You are slowly coming around to the idea of the number five.

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