Not long before Fox was born I remember wishing I could just take a peak at the next few days on this blog and finally be able to see my baby boy. I often wonder what it would’ve been like for me to have been able to view it at the start of the year, to be scrolling through all the photos and see everything that would unfold in the next six months. And what a crazy six months! Not only did Fox arrive (eventually), my sweet baby girl turned three. It was near impossible to pick my three favourites for (the amazing and beautiful) Jodi’s link-up. I was torn between picking photos that told a story or that showed my kiddies personalities and photos that pleased the photographic perfectionist in me. I’m afraid to say that I mostly picked the latter, I’m a little obsessive compulsive when it comes to aesthetics, but hopefully there is still some substance in there too.
{ LAMB }

{ FOX }

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  1. Beautiful! I tend to pick the pretty pictures too, can really relate to that. I love the ones you have chosen. Best wishes from the Netherlands!

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