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LAMB: I love our mummy daughter dates, they are so rare and precious. Today we went to the movies. We purchased our tickets then headed to the supermarket to get some treats. I told you that you could only pick out one treat but you could have whatever you wanted. You thought about it intently for a moment, it was a big decision, perhaps the biggest you have ever made. “I know!” you exclaimed excitedly, “Chocolate milkies!” then you paused and thought about it for a second more, “No. Maybe strawberry milkies”. I ended up choosing a dark mint chocolate Easter egg but when I saw it sitting next to your delicious looking strawberry milk in the shopping bag I had instant buyers remorse. When then headed back over to the movie theater, your clammy little hand in mine, you looked up at me and said “I so excited, mummy” with a sincerity and enthusiasm that made my heart melt. I placed my handbag next to you on your theater seat to prevent you from being swallowed by it, your little bum lacking the necessary weight to keep the seat down. Not long after the movie started you turned to me and said “This a little bit scary, mummy” then you hopped off your seat and into my lap. I didn’t mind in the least, I relished the opportunity to cuddle and reassure you, my big almost-four year old.

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  1. I LONG to take my four and a half year old to the movies (I took her to the wizard of oz last year – BIG MISTAKE, we lasted about 7 minutes. I even turned on Happy Feet on Saturday night, and within ten minutes she was bawling?!) Kellie xx

  2. I understand, Lamb has a short attention span too. There were about 4 times during the movie when she requested to leave because she was bored but we stuck it out and she enjoyed it in the end.

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