LAMB: Lord knows I love you to bits but I cannot understand what you are saying half the time. I think it’s reached the point where I can’t just ignore it and hope it goes away any longer. You are almost three and you can’t pronounce your own name properly. The worst thing is that we are becoming increasingly frustrated with one another when I just can’t decipher what it is you are trying to tell me.
Has anyone else gone through this? Do you have any advice?

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  1. yes, yes, yes. and did i say yes? i have been through it. -really through it with my middle. i know you have oodles on your plate as sweet fox arrives at any moment…but if you want to hear some of my journey with my Gavin (or my bossy big sister insight) my email is pomegranateandseeds{at}gmail{dot}com. xo

  2. My second was difficult to understand for us up to about four and for others through the first year of primary school. We had to spend a lot of time just getting him to slow down when he spoke. Part of his problem was that he was merging two languages, not sure if Lamb has someone around a lot that speaks another language?

  3. My daughter (who is three) has a lisp, which makes things a little tricky when trying to work out what she is saying sometimes. She has good vocab skills and sentence construction so I can usually make it all out.
    Last year when family and friends starting commenting on her lisp I took her to our local speech drop in centre (we are in Canberra). They assessed her and recommended speech therapy. Because this program is govt-funded we had to go on the waiting list and she has only just received a placement now.
    Lamb is still very young but if you are concerned do you have any services like this where you could get her checked out? (even seeing your family GP or maternal health nurse?)Most of the time they will say it is normal for her age but it might put your mind at ease. x

  4. The earlier you intervene the better! DH's sister is a speech pathologist and she has said a few times about a window of opportunity with correcting speech issues.

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