272/365 { LAMB }

LAMB: Lately I’ve been able to see a teeny bit of me in you, something I’ve struggled to do up until now. It’s hard to define exactly what it is. It’s not so much a physical feature but certain expressions or mannerisms. Sometimes I watch you and for a split second it’s there, something so familiar, and I think “There is it. That’s me”. But as soon as I see it, it’s gone. This has meant that I’m suddenly more aware of how my actions and attitudes affect you and what behaviors you are learning from me. But sometimes it’s hard to be objective. Am I a good role model? I certainly have my shortcomings, that’s for sure, and I know there are some areas where I could improve. But I also wonder how much can only be seen through hindsight. Who will you grow up to be and what influence will I have on you? I only wish that you will look back on your childhood fondly. If you can do that, I’ll know I have done a good job.

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