FOX: I am holding you in my arms, you are fast asleep after a long feed. You look so much like your big sister did when she was brand new except you are fairer with less hair and a distinctively Daddy nose. Your breath smells sweet and you have that newborn odor. I had forgotten how intoxicating that smell is. You have the typical dry, milk-spotted skin and long fingernails of an overdue baby. You were reluctant to make your appearance but when you finally decided to arrive boy were you in a hurry. I went into labor around 4am in the morning and you were absolutely determined to be born with the rising of the sun, much to Mummy’s discomfort. A new day, a new life. Welcome baby boy.

Many photos to come…

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  1. so love the intoxicating smell of the baby hair and the sweet milky odor of a newly nursed babe. oh so many many congratulations! sending much light and warm welcome wishes to the new little fox and to you all. xxoo

  2. I am so happy to hear that he is in your arms. Congratulations. I am really excited to see him in your ever beautiful images. Wonderful newsç

  3. Congratulations on your sweet baby news! I love your reflections on what is happening right now with your little Fox. I read this post about an hour ago on my phone and thought that my mobile wasn't loading the photos to go with the text. I will just have to wait for my new baby cuteness fix for another day 😉
    Enjoy all those delicious newborn cuddles. x

  4. Hooray! Big congratulations, lovely. If he looks like his big sister then he must be absolutely divine! Thanks for reminding me of that newborn smell, enjoy. Kellie xx

  5. Congratulations! Glad to hear he has arrived safely – looking forward to hearing all about Lamb's introduction to her little brother! xxx

  6. Oh blessings little family, Fox I can't wait to see a beautiful portrait of you.

    Second babies – they're always in a hurry. Woah! x

  7. Congratulations! Oh that sweet breath lingers for a while, doesn't it? I still smell Van's sweet breath. I hope you are recovering well.

    And to your dear fox… wait, wait, wait, and then hurry, hurry, hurry is the name of your game, a?

  8. So I just randomly found your blog I am now following on all social medias (sorry if that is stalkerish). And I am obsessed. Your photography is… incredible. I am so happy your little fox came and I am so excited to see how you take photos of your little ones.


  9. CONGRATULATIONS!! Wrap yourself up in that baby blissfulness and enjoy. Our third babe is five weeks and I am growing so deeply in love with him each day!!

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