LAMB: A clerical error resulted in us spending over two hours in the doctor’s waiting room this morning. I think you did well considering your age and attention span and I did my best to ignore the piercing, ‘can’t you shut your child up’ glances being hurled our way. Two hours must surely be a long, long time to a toddler. You were so excited when I told you where we were going earlier that morning and you decided that Dolly should come along with us. You had found Dolly squashed between the bed and the wall and so deduced that her knees must be sore and should surely be seen to by a professional. I’m sure this experience has somewhat dampened your enthusiasm for such visits. If only we could retain that naive enthusiasm somehow. If only I could wake up in the morning, leap to my feet and sing out “I’m going to the dentist today. Hurrah!”

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