LAMB: You went to the movies for the first time today. You were so, so excited to see Dora on the big screen. Luckily Nanny offered to take you as I have a limited tolerance for Dora. Here you are waiting outside for her to pick you up. She is late. Nanny if often late. You kept yelling “Quickwe Nanny! Miss Dooda (Dora)” as loud as you could hoping she would hear you. I knew exactly how you felt, I think these photographs could accurately sum up my own childhood. Nanny eventually turned up and you got there just in time. You enjoyed it so much you wanted to go straight back in and see another one, you pointed to a movie poster that appealed to you and said “Dis one now?”.

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  1. I took my daughter to see that movie a few weeks back too! She loved 'The Big TV' as she calls the movie theatre 🙂 It's the only movie I have ever been too where it's appropriate to shout out and dance around as Dora requests!

    Sophie xo

  2. Hurrah! I finally found your blog! For some reason, I couldn't track you down. But now I have! Hurrah! Lovely lovely photography! Such a fabulous blog! xxoo

  3. oh just so cute and those pom poms!!! reminded me of my own childhood too, my mum wouldn't even begin to get ready to leave until after we were late! it has turned me into a neurotic time keeper, i get neurotic if we aren't really really early! love this! xxxxxxxxxxx

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