LAMB: You were a little bit distracted during your ballet class today. What is it about the weather that has such an effect on our state of being? I used to think it was purely psychological but now I’m not so sure. The effects are best observed in children. While adults can (to varying degrees) mask their emotions, children just are however they are. Whenever it’s rainy or windy they tend to be a little bit crazy, they are easily distracted, moody and excitable (moreso).

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  1. The wind has the greatest effect on me – I get irritable, anxious and headachy. In Ayurveda my body type is vata (tall, slim, dry skin, fine hair, bad digestive system etc etc) and vata's DO NOT like the wind – it's like we get lifted off the ground too much and get scared when we can't find our feet.

    Any way…enough of my rambling. What I was going to say is…it's not just children ūüėČ x

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