LAMB: Lambkins has been suffering from a serious overdose of love recently. You have to take him everywhere
with you. As a result his once off-white fur has become a shameful
dirty colour. The sort of colour that could not, unfortunately, be
mistaken for a natural brown but rather acts as signal for others to
keep away. You insist on carrying him around by the neck so that now it
has become stretched out of shape leaving his little head to flop
lifelessly to one side in a slightly disturbing manner. Yes, poor old
Lambkins has definitely seen better days. I think the time has come to
bite the bullet, chuck him in the washing machine and hope he survives
the ride. Good luck little lamb.

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  1. I used to carry around a doll when I was little that had plastic arms, legs, and a head, but a soft body. I carried it by the same arm and the head hung the same way so much that the same arm was the one that always detached from the body and the same side of the neck always came loose too. My mom sewed it back together so many times! Eventually she was wondering through a store and saw the exact doll, so she bought the second edition which of course, fell apart the same way, but I still have it packed away, waiting for adventures with my little girl who is one. Sorry to ramble, lol, this just reminded me of that. . . Good luck to lamb skins! Hopefully Mama won't have to do any repairs. 😉

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