LAMB: This afternoon was an exercise in thriftiness, an experiment to see what we could do for as little money as possible. We spent a good deal of time at our local RSL. They have a free kids play area, free glasses of chilled water and air-conditioning – a winning combination. When we got home we constructed a makeshift tent from two chairs and an old sheet, which kept you entertained for a good five minutes. I’m ashamed to say, however, that the day ended with you in front of the TV (#371 on the list of things I was never going to let my children do). In the end the only out-of-pocket expense was the petrol required to get us to and from the RSL. All in all I think we did pretty well.

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  1. Loving this shot! Good work on the thriftiness! I am with you on the tv front but oh well!! Not to worry. Im sure there are worse things they could be doing 🙂

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