LAMB: You’re at that stage now when everything in the world officially belongs to you. ‘Mine’ has become one of your favourite and most frequently used words. Today, while sitting at a café, Daddy opened the newspaper and saw a photo of someone he recognized. “Oh, look! I know this guy! I went to Sydney Uni with him” he exclaimed, then added “he’s a friend of mine”. You immediately ceased blowing bubbles in your milkshake and looked at him angrily “No!” you retorted, shaking a disgruntled finger at him, “MINE!”.

P.S: This is a photo of you at the beach this afternoon, you’re listening to the ocean in a pretty shell you found.

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  1. I tend to as well. For some reason black and white is a bit scary for me and I usually only use it when there is a very oddly coloured and distracting background (because I'm lazy).

  2. I tend to stray from the black and white too because I just enjoy color so much. The brighter the color the better for me. But this is an absolutely beautiful photo! I wish I could take some photography lessons from you!!

  3. Gorgeous pic! I have a 16mth old who has decided that 'No!' is a very good word to use and it makes me laugh as she uses it a lot when i sing to her! haha. Oh they are such fun!

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