FOX: Your big sister and your daddy went out today. Without you. There were many tears and a lot of banging on the front door.  And even though their car had already driven away you ran to your cupboard and attempted to dress yourself so you’d be ready to go, unable to accept the fact that they were long gone. You’ve never tried to dress yourself before and I was impressed that you were able to put your pants on. You had less success with your shirt. In the end I managed to placate you with an episode of ‘Play School’. Ordinary, you would relish an opportunity to have the iPad all to yourself, but instead you sat there soberly surrounded by your soft toys, waiting for your sister to return.

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  1. I always love your photos and I had to comment, because this scene is very familiar to me as well. The little one loves to annoy his big brother and sister, until they leave or go somewhere without him and it's all over. I've had the same crying and banging on the front door many times! I just love your words and photos to go with them.

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