Day at the Museum

LAMB: You were hesitant to touch anything in the museum in case it should come alive, and you would only approach something if either myself or your aunty touched it first. Even then, you remained cautious and ready to retreat at any moment. Your favourite thing was, of course, the dinosaurs. But the button you push to turn on the light in the insect display case was undoubtedly the highlight of your tip. Next time we shall forgo the lengthy journey on busy trains with faulty air-con to stay at home and flick light switches.

FOX: Unlike your sister you were quite happy to touch anything and everything. If you found something particularly enthralling you would blow a raspberry at it. You were less impressed with the train trip. After the novelty of banging on the window repeatedly wore off you were left with no other option than to cry. For an hour and a half.

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