Lamb Loves Peggy

LAMB: You found a pet ladybug. You placed her in a glass container with some mint leaves from our garden and called her Peggy. I told you we could only keep her for a few days before we had to put her back. On the third day we took Peggy out and placed her on a leaf in the garden. You were very upset to see her go but I explained to you that she had to get back to her family. You seemed to accept this and with a sniffle you said, “Yes, she might be missing her childrens”.

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  1. My daughter loves ladybugs too. She can't resist picking up every one she finds, and is sad when they fly away.
    Hopefully Peggy made it back to her children's okay.

  2. That is gold! So very cute! My daughter, Ruby 3, loves ladybugs too! They're all over our vegie patch so she is always picking them up! I'm sure Peggy was happy to reunite with her children's! Classic! ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. I love love love your work. You are so incredibly talented and your kids are gorgeous <3 I think Im going to try to take on a 365 challange myself, Im so inspired by you. I just found your blog last night, think I made it all the way back to day 100 or so. Have to check out the rest today ๐Ÿ˜€ (it would actually be nice if you had an archive so you can start at day 1 instead of going backwards.. just a thought :)).

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