343/365 { FOX }

FOX: You are eight months old today, my littlest man. And the big news this month? You have started to crawl. So far you have only managed to shuffle ten centimeters or so but it won’t be long before you will be following your big sister around, stealing her toys and getting into all manner of mischief.

Likes: Eating tissues, kisses under your arms, bath time, holding/pinching mummy’s hand as you fall asleep, the cat, attention from your sister, baby ‘touchy feely’ books, grabbing daddy’s glasses, talking to your toys.

Dislikes: Having things taken away from you, cold water, ball pits, Santa, reindeer.

You think its hilarious when mummy sticks the dummy in her mouth then spits it back out again. You collapse in fits of laughter. Sometimes you try to pick it up and shove it back into my mouth. It usually ends up in my eye.

You like to point indescriminatly at things. You must have observed other people pointing and surmised that this is just something that people do, stick their index finger out haphazardly. The world must seem so strange to you.

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