LAMB: You were quick to act when you found me lying on the floor sobbing this morning. You went to the bathroom and bought back a band aid. You stuck it on my tummy, rubbed my hand and said “better now?”.  I spent the rest of the day in bed unable to move while Nanny looked after you and your brother. Every so often you would pop in to check on me, your sweet smile bringing much needed warmth to an otherwise gloomy day. Next time I will make sure to bend my knees when I go to pick up the laundry basket, my back has never been the same since I had Fox. I’m feeling like an old woman these days, hobbling about, complaining about my aliments. But I content myself with the knowledge that it’s just the price to be paid for creating two beautiful, shinny little souls.

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  1. Oh, nothing worse than back pain – I injured mine earlier in the year and it's still giving me grief! Beautiful photos – hope you're feeling better x

  2. Oh bless her – I hope you get well soon. My back/neck has never been the same since having the boys. And speaking of boys, your little man is growing up so fast. I am a regular visitor to your blog – your photos are sensational. I got my first camera just last year and I regret that I didn't capture my pregnancies and the boys when they were still babies. xx

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