230/365 { LAMB }

LAMB: We had some fun with my instant camera today. Usually, I’m hesitant to let you use it because the film is so darn expensive. But you are always pestering me to let you take a ‘foto’ with it and in a moment of ‘ugh – to hell with it’ I gave in. And I’m glad I did. It was such fun and you took a lovely shot of your brother and I that is now my all-time favourite photo. I’ll make a photographer out of you yet, baby girl.

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  1. oh my word i absolutely adore this post. that first photos caught my attention most ♥ but i love how the little "picture story" unfolded after it. one of my favorites, for sure.


  2. Great series! My daughter loves that instant camera as well. I too cringe at the cost of film, but it does remind me of when I was a little girl and begged to use my parents' Polaroid. Instant cameras are magic!

  3. I love instant cameras! Too bad the film is so expensive. Although, it seems to make them feel more special in a way. I have a secret little stash of Polaroids in my drawer that I prize above almost anything else.

  4. Thank you. I find it's so much easier to take photos of her when I make it fun for her. Though, it's not always easy to make it fun – that's when marshmallows come in handy.

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