LAMB: At the moment it seems like fifty percent of your sentences start with “I just….”. You poke your brother in the eye and he starts screaming – “I just looking, dat all”. I find that you have raided my chocolate stash – “I just ate one chokit”. This morning, while having a shower after your swimming lesson, you kept drinking the water when you thought I wasn’t looking. When you glanced over and realised I was staring at you with a disapproving frown, you said “I just licking the shower off my lips”.

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  1. I love that ‘I just’ phase with kids…with my little brother it was all ‘actually this’ and ‘actually that’. So cute. I mind my cousin’s little one and she is so on the verge of talking…I can’t wait for the words to come forth.

    Beautiful photos as always Katherine. x

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