This year, while people were busy spoiling their mums on Mother’s Day, we were at your Yiayia and Papou’s house celebrating Greek Easter (or as your Daddy refers to it, real Easter). Lamb on the spit, ouzo, traditional Greek music, men talking politics, women discussing family and way too much food. It was a good day.
LAMB: you were a bit shy at first, overwhelmed with the presence of so many relatives (many of whom you wouldn’t remember). You clung onto my legs for a while but you soon warmed up and were your usual, boisterous self.
FOX: You spent most of the day being nursed by many a helping hand. However, as soon as you became too noisy you always managed to find your way back to me.

Christos anesti.

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  1. The "lamb on a spit" thing threw me off for a second! Lamb the animal vs. Lamb the daughter confusion.
    Happy Easter to your Greek side and Happy Mother's day to your mama side.

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