LAMB: Realising that this is quite possibly the last day we will ever have with just the three of us we decided to go on a little family outing. We didn’t go anywhere grand or special we just wanted to be able spend time together. I tried to forget about my aching body and my fears for Fox and the impending birth for a few hours and just relax and enjoy the company of the ones I love the most. It was difficult at times but a walk by the seaside with your little hand in mine did my soul the world of good. I watched you as you picked up random rocks and shells from the sand, wash them in the waves and gently pace them back where you found them. I found myself thinking (certainly not for the first time) about how boring life would be without you and Daddy by my side.

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  1. This made me teary-eyed as we are three about to become four next week. I took my daughter for frozen yogurt last night and we joked together in the car (because her two year old sensibilities appreciate a silly joke now) and it made me want to burst to have that special time together.

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