LAMB: We were running late for my midwife appointment this morning, you had already had plenty of breakfast but on the way you kept complaining that you were hungry. So, being the responsible and health-conscious mother that I am, I stopped off at the petrol station and bought you a bottle of water and a packet of potato chips the size of your head. We then dashed off to the clinic and arrived in the nick of time. We sat down in the waiting room and I handed you the water and opened the chips for you. You had consumed all of 2 or 3 chips before the midwife came and called us in, forcing me to snatch back the chip packet from your reluctant hands. While chatting to the midwife I suddenly became aware of a small chubby finger persistently prodding my arm. Not long after came a gentle, almost inaudible whisper “Mummy? Mummy?…… Mummy? Chippies?”. I did my best to ignore you as I had already explained that it is against the rules to consume food and beverages in the midwife’s office. Next, I had to lay down on the bed to have Fox’s heart beat checked and to have a blood test (yes, I’m a massive wimp when it comes to needles). While the midwife was taking my blood I spied a little head pop up between my feet at the end of the bed. You gave me a sheepish look and, cupping your hands around your mouth, repeated (slightly more insistently) “Mummmyyyyy? Chiiiippppies!”. You certainly have a one track mind when it comes to food. At least your antics took my mind off having the needle. I was so distracted I didn’t even feel like fainting.

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  1. ha amazing! This little story made me really laugh. I've certainly ended up giving Wilf food I never thought I would when I was expecting him. At least he cant talk yet and tell everyone about the potato waffles he had for dinner twice last week 😉 xx

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