I love the way you strut with your hand on your hip.
LAMB: We attempted a bush-walk today. We got about 100 meters when Daddy found a leech on his leg. That was it for me. I’m ashamed to say the city girl in me made me shriek in horror and hurry back to the safety of the car, all the while frantically checking my legs for anything slimy and unwelcome. The whole way home I kept having flashbacks to that x-files episode with the mutant human/leech creature living in the sewers – that one still gives me nightmares. You, however, appeared undisturbed by the whole bloodsucking parasite thing. I’m glad, the last thing you need is to inherit one of my many irrational phobias. I’m sure you’re much too clever for that anyway.
Dress: Original 1960’s 

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