Gettin’ into that laid back Aussie spirit. All you need is a beer gut to rest your stubby on.

LAMB: I often wonder if you will embrace the culture you inherited from your Daddy. Will you identify with being a Greek-Australian? Will you speak Greek, dance the Zorba and enjoy souvlaki? Or will you just become another assimilated Aussie (with whatever that entails)? It’s interesting trying to imagine having such a rich heritage, having none myself, a hodgepodge of cultures from very, very distant relatives. I almost feel left out. It’s something you and your daddy can share but I will always be on the outside looking in.

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  1. It's interesting to see how kids will develop. I hope she embraces her greek-ness. It is a lovely thing to see those things develop. Luke's mother is Italian, and his siblings and him are all disappointed that they weren't raised to speak Italian as well as English, or do more Italian things. That being said, we are hoping to do some Italian things with Lior despite him only being 1/4 Italian!

  2. Just a little in love with your photos…lovely to have found your space x
    ps. i'm hoping that my little one will pick up the portuguese my partner has been teaching her. i just love that she has a bit of brazil in her…i felt ever so boring not knowing a second language growing up!

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