LAMB: This week you have been very determined to do everything by yourself. Something which is, I suppose, typical for your age. For me it has been an exercise in patience, something I clearly need to work on. Sometimes you decide to take on the most difficult tasks only to quickly become frustrated. If I attempt to help you you take offense and growl at me through gritted teeth “My do it”. I know I need to step back and let you figure these things out for yourself but at times I find it excruciating. Today you decided to quietly take yourself into the bathroom and wash your own hair. Not long after you were discovered with half the contents of a bottle of shampoo oozing down your forehead. Over an hour later I had managed to get the majority of it out but not without a lot of screaming and tears. On the bright side however your hair has never looked nor smelt more delicious.

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  1. I can still remember how ecstatic I was the first time my daughter sat up unaided. While other mothers are excited because it's an important development milestone, I'm thinking "Thank god! Now I can get some photos without you looking like an injured beetle on it's back, arms and legs flailing around in the air".

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