Seven Days with Jude

Last month was challenging for me. I entered my 38th year of life, I adopted the most adorable bunny I’d ever seen, I had a tooth extracted (that I hadn’t anticipated would be quite so….. visible) and then the very next day the aforementioned bunny mysteriously and unexpectedly died . On top of all this I haven’t exactly been inspired to pick up my camera. Whenever the urge arises, it is quickly squashed by exhaustion, self doubt and just general feelings of apathy. In an effort to revive my enthusiasm for photography (and in general), I challenged myself to take a self-portrait with Jude once a day, everyday for a week. It was only a week but I very nearly gave up after a few days. I pushed through halfheartedly and got there in the end. Have I reinvigorated my passion for photography? Well, no. Not really. But I feel like the lesson lies somewhere else. Maybe it’s that not everything can be, or even should be, ‘fixed’ but that sinking into apathy can be worse than pulling yourself through difficult feelings. No matter how enticing it may seem at the time.


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