Wednesday – Washing Day

I have one and a half child-free days a week. I try to reserve the half-day for editing, answering emails and updating my blog. Wednesday however is washing day. Technically washing and housework day, but washing is always my priority. After all, no one will know if your house is a pigsty but they are bound to notice if you smell a bit funky. I always find myself feeling a little sentimental on washing day, picking out the clothes the children have outgrown and noting how fast time is passing. I have two big boxes under my bed that are filled to the brim with their old clothes. I tell myself that one day I will sell them, but I know that’s not the real reason I’m holding on to them. I do everything to avoid peeking in those boxes. When I need to put something new in there I make sure to quickly shut the lid and walk away lest I find myself sitting on the floor all choked up, holding up a tiny, itty-bitty onesie and telling myself “Just one more. I’ll just have one more.”


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