Taking Stock.


So instead of feeling guilty about the plethora of things I should be doing at this very moment (most notably, cleaning the house), I’ve taken a moment to fill out this monthly ‘taking stock’ list. I ended my list a little prematurely but the full list can be found over here at Meet Me at Mikes.

Making : Hay while the sun shines. The sun is not shining today so I’m off the hook.
Cooking : Brie on Jatz (What? That counts as cooking, right?)
Drinking : My pride. Swallowing won’t cut it.
Reading: My Age of Anxiety by Scott Stossel.
Wanting: My house to be clean.
Looking: At my messy house.
Playing: I’ll just sit here and  pretend my house actually is clean so that I don’t have to get up and clean it.
Deciding: Whether to hire a cleaner.
Wishing: I actually had enough money to hire a cleaner.
Enjoying: Not cleaning the house.
Waiting: For some one else to clean the house.
Liking: Immaculately clean and stylish houses on Pintrest.
Wondering: If anyone actually lives like that.
Loving: How this whole list has turned into all the issues I have with my poor housekeeping abilities.
Pondering: Whether I should quit with the messy house issue and move on to one of my many other issues.
Considering: Not doing the above.
Buying: Chocolate.
Watching: Orange Is the New Black.
Hoping: That I will look up and my house will be clean.
Marvelling: At how I got back onto this subject.
Needing: A psychologist.
Questioning: Whether a psychologist can be hired to clean a house.
Wearing: A duvet
Following: You Are My Wild. Always.
Noticing: How good I’m doing with not mentioning the messy house thing.
Knowing: I just stuffed it all up.
Thinking: I should stop this list now.

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