days as a mother just seem to draaaaaag. And I have to admit, I really
struggle to find new and inventive ways to keep the little trouble
makers entertained. If I’m completely honest, most days I just bundle
them into the car and take them to the nearest play center. There, I can
find a few seconds of respite in exchange for taking home the latest
flu strain or stomach bug (not the best deal I’ll admit, but I take what
I can get). I order a coffee and lay my weary head on the table. Only
then can I relax a bit in the knowledge that the children are not
running onto the road or breaking valuable merchandise or falling into a
pond or throwing fits in the supermarket because I got them chocolate
milk instead of strawberry milk. Today I tried the ‘fun mum’ thing, I
bought some confetti and bubbles (admittedly, the confetti was more
about getting some cute photos than anything else) and it was almost
worth it to see the excited little look on his face. But (of course) his
interest waned after about 30 seconds and I (of course) was left to
sweep up thousands of iddy-bitty pieces of confetti that just refused to be swept.

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