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  1. Hi Mama! I followed you over from the Practicing Simplicity blog link up. Your photography is absolutely amazing. You have an incredible eye!!! Thank you for sharing your beautiful images with us. I cannot wait to continue to follow you in your journey.

    Love and light,

  2. I absolutely adore your photography, always..but this week, actually took my breath away! WOW.

  3. i share everyones admiration of your photography – stunning. that last shot with the backlighting gives your daughter an even more angelic look!

  4. Hello! I came across your blog several months ago and I keep forgetting to comment. I just wanted to say that your photography is stunning! I love your composition and mix of color and black and white. As a recently newish photographer (been practicing for four years now) I still only have my kit lens and a 50mm prime lens. I'm looking into a 35 mm lens — if you shoot with canon, is there any good ones you might recommend?

    Anyway, I really love your photographs. You can see the love you pour into them. 🙂

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