359/365 Christmas Day

359/365 Christmas Day
LAMB: You woke up early and, realising that it was morning, threw your fists into your pillow. “I didn’t. see. Santa!” you complained. You had fallen asleep at ten thirty last night while waiting up for him. But your disappointment soon turned to excitement, your eyes widened “Maybe he lef me presents!” you said, twitching your fingers like a cartoon character, then ran off down the hallway. Upon seeing the neatly wrapped presents sitting under the tree your excitement boiled over, you jumped up and down screaming “Yay-hoo! Santa bring me PRESENTS!” then ran off next door to inform your sleepy-eyed aunty. Form Santa you had requested a book and a teddy bear. You later revised your list to a book, a teddy bear and some lollies. Santa was only too happy to oblige.

FOX: You were blissfully unaware of the whole Christmas thing. To you it was just a day of eating wrapping paper, loud noises and being passed around from one relative to the next.

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