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  1. Perfection. While I realize that your photographic excellence is far more attributable to your creativity, technical expertise, adorable models, timing, and keen eye for light, contrast, & composition . . . may I still ask what type of camera you use/recommend? I currently own a point-and-shoot with manual settings, but am looking into DSLR options. Thanks much for any advice!

  2. Hahah. I like the way you have worded this! I can't help but be a teeny bit offended when people simply say "I like your photography. What camera do you use?", even though I know they probably don't mean it that way. I use a Nikon D7000 and I love it but I think the lenses you choose are far more important. It's better to get an average DSLR and a good lens than the other way around. Hope that helps ūüôā

  3. Thanks for humoring me–I appreciate the advice! I know what you mean about being a little offended when people ask sometimes; I can understand that. Believe me, I view your photography as art, not the product of equipment. I'm so inspired by how you see and capture life.

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