FOX: You just adore your big sister, you think she’s the bee’s knees. When she comes into the room your face lights up. You squeal and flap your arms about to try to get her attention and if you happen to be successful you grin and bounce excitedly. You even have a special cackle reserved especially for her antics, try as I may I never receive the same response. I can’t say I blame you, I think she’s rather special too.
LAMB: You chose this skirt at the India fair we went to yesterday and you insisted on wearing it again today, despite the chocolate milk stains. It’s perfect for jumping and twirling in plus it has bells that jingle when you dance. What more could a three year old girl ask for?

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  1. Pure delight! I cannot thank you enough for sharing your photos so generously here. They bring me so much joy.

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