LAMB: Little lady. I feel your frustration with not having the independence and freedom you so desperately crave. You want to be able to make your own choices and not have do what Mummy tells you to do all the time. But while you tug against me in your own direction I feel that Mothers instinct to reel you back in, to cradle you in my arms just a little bit longer. The hard truth is you are not my tiny little baby anymore, you haven’t been for a long time. It
took the arrival of your brother to make me realise just how much you
have grown and it’s oh so bitter sweet. Weren’t you that small only yesterday? In a blink of an eye I saw you sit up, crawl, walk and talk. Then all of a sudden my baby was replaced with this feisty, assertive, determined, beautiful little girl. Soon you will be getting married and having children of your own. I had better get my cuddles in while I can.

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