FOX: You had your first needles today. I wish I could say that I was brave and sat with you while you had them done. Instead, I sent you in with your daddy and stood outside the room anxiously waiting for the scream. You were very brave though and only cried a little. I remember taking your big sister to have her first set of needles. I thought I was up for it, I thought “I’ll be fine, I hear her scream all the time”. I was not. I remember feeling a bit sick and shaky on the bus ride home that day. I’ve promised myself that I’ll take you in next time. Luckily, your next needles are still two months away.

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  1. Jarvis had his 18 month old needles this week. Like you each time I think I will go in, but each time it is his Dad, even on one occasion his big sister. I just can't do it. I am frightened my fear of needles will show.

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