I always knew parenting would be hard, I’ve had it drilled into me for as long as I can remember. The sleepless nights, the mountains of washing, the tantrums, in a way I was prepared for all of this. What I wasn’t prepared for was being sick for six months of the year. My little Lamb seems to pick up everything that is going around and then kindly passes it on to the rest of the family. During my pregnancy with Fox I was sick seven times, seven times in nine months. Flues, stomach bugs, viruses, we’ve had them all. And now Lamb is sick yet again. I hate seeing my little girl so unwell, mostly because she just isn’t her usual sprightly self, but also because I know that I’ll be next. I’m about ready to lock the whole family indoors, ban any sort of social interaction and chew exuberant amounts of vitamin C tablets until the day kids have grown up and are ready to leave home.

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  1. My first instinct is GET FOX AWAY from her! My four week old was hospitalised with enterovirus (viral meningitis – not the evil bacterial version, but still…) brought home by his brothers. He's now 7 weeks and thriving but I am forever damaged by a lumbar puncture on my newborn with no anaesthetic and array of other invasive tests.

    Isn't it draining? I have two older sons of 8 years and 5.5 years and I can confidently say this stage ends, thankfully. Hang in there lovie, this too shall pass. Honestly, my days with a newborn and 2.5 year old were the hardest and they didn't last. They're now in Kindergarten (NSW first year of school) and Year 3 🙂 Oh yeah, and make sure everyone gets their flu shots.

    Hugs xoxoxo

  2. The first six months of my twins' life (lives?) coincided with the toddler starting day care a couple of days a week. Oh, we were all sick all the time, it seemed. ALL of us! It absolutely gets better, though.

  3. how beautiful is the photo.
    Your daughter is just like mine, she seems to get everything that comes around.
    Better now as she's in kindy & they don't chew on each others toys.

    Gets better & enjoy the bed buddies.

  4. This photo is so beautiful. I am so sorry your littles are sick. It seemed everyone was sick all the time once my oldest started preschool. But I definitely think his younger brother has a stronger immunity for it. Hang in there. xo

  5. yes, K – get some probiotics. And homemade chicken stock – so good for a child's immune system. The thought of making chicken stock is probably far too involved for you to consider now but I would absolutely love to make some for you and drop it on your doorstep. All you need to do is say: "yes!" x

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