LAMB: I’ve missed you so, so much lately. You have been passed from grandparent to grandparent so that I have a chance to catch up on sleep and housework. You don’t mind in the least, you love the extra attention and special treatment you get, but I can’t help feeling a pang of mother guilt.
FOX: Mummy and Daddy didn’t seem to get much sleep last night. Someone kept us up.

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  1. Oh that Fox! with those beautiful eyes, he seems to be looking up at you saying, of course I am trying to make you as tired as possible. Sigh. And sweet Lamb. Such a beautiful shot. Enjoy this sweet little time getting to know Fox, let go of the guilt. xo

  2. I remember feeling the same way. Hooper handled the transition fine, but I had a hard time because I kept putting myself in his shoes and assumed he missed my attention. In reality, I just missed giving him all my attention. To be honest, it took me longer to fall in love with my second. My love for Hooper was so innate, nothing compares to the instant love a first born gets. But when Van was born, I had a memory of how hard the newborn stage was and it took some of the magic away because I knew how hard it would all be. I kinda wanted to hit the fast forward button. Maybe that's just me… I love him to death now. And Hooper gets just as much attention, now, so I'm over that too. It's all temporary mama. Do what you gotta do to survive these beginning days. Thinking of you.

  3. I remember missing Otto when Hugo was born and everyone helped us out. It was wonderful to have the break but I was glad when it all died down and I could spend time with both my babes.

  4. Look at the facial expressions on Fox already… what a hunk 😉 Sorry you haven't been sleeping much, wishing you many restful nights in your future! x

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