It has been a madhouse around here lately. I’ve somehow managed to procure myself a toddler that has a seriously disagreeable attitude problem and a newborn that has constant reflux and that refuses to sleep anywhere but on my chest. To top it off I have a cold and a blocked duct that I’m really hoping doesn’t turn into mastitis.

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  1. ooo that all sounds so familiar! you are in what can only be described as tough times. These early days always feel crazy well they did for me anyway! i am so happy you are doing this photography project (although i bet you have times you dont want to) it will drag you through the one step infront of the other moments…you have magic right there in this picture, it makes me cry with nostalgia and broodiness for my fourth child that I know I cannot talk my husband into and at 44 the days tick away for having babies so fast! But in that nostalgia i also remember the hard first days and weeks before the family groove kicks in. love and hugs x

  2. It's the crazy days! Hang in there, it must get better. At least they are both bloody cute (which is what I tell my kids when they're being atrocious!)

  3. All we can say is "it will get better!" That said, these are the tough days, we're pulling for you, out here.
    Take some time for yourself, if you can. Mama sometimes gets lost in the shuffle in these first weeks.

  4. Oh, the photo sums it all up, doesn't it? It made me laugh in a very sympathetic, we have been there and it will get better, sort of way.

  5. So sorry!l that sounds awful. I hope you get better soon, and those kids will son love each other. I just had my second (9 months ago) and it was rough but it got lots better!


  6. Oh mama, I feel ya. Those clogged ducts put me in a bad mood faster than you could say "someone take this baby for a minute". Both of my kiddos only wanted me for the longest time. It's the parasite/sac o' potatoes phase and I remember it well. I don't know much about reflux, but I have an incredible amount of sympathy because I know how hard it can be even under the best circumstances. I hope the sun falls and rises and brings a better day tomorrow.

  7. Oh no 🙁 Those beginning days are so tough. I feel this terrible pang when I hear a mama say they have just discovered they have a baby with reflux. I have had two babies with reflux and I can still remember those hard, hard nights and days. Hang in there, it really does, with time, get easier. Rally support around you and just do the bare minimum around the house. You are everything to that little Fox at the moment, so your top priority is taking care of your health. Rest up and I hope things get better very soon. xxx

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