I have to admit I’ve been finding it difficult to keep up with this project. Since Fox’s arrival I’ve struggled to find time just to do basic things like getting out of the house or washing my hair. I’ve managed to still take at least one photo every day but I’ve started to neglect the blog. I’ve also found the quality of my work is suffering and on a few occasions I’ve become frustrated and seriously considered throwing in the towel. But for now I will persevere and see if things get better once I’ve adjusted (as much as possible) to life with two children and settled into a new routine.

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  1. I just am amazed how you have kept up and retained your own unique vision through having a baby. I was so amazed that I actually told my husband I was amazed!! You are amazing. Keep going, your work is astounding lovely and individual and I love your posts. And if a day gets dropped here or there for the sake of your sanity just look to the bigger picture 🙂

  2. Lady, cut yourself some slack! You've just had a baby! Your photos are stunning, some of my favourites. Don't ever think about giving up again. Kellie xx

  3. We're all so impressed with you out here. You'll find your rhythm, it just takes time.
    I was so dazed after my babies, I often forgot what day it was!

  4. Oh yes, the zombie days. I remember them well. You'll find your flow. I don't notice any lacking in terms of quality. It's probably the tired eyes you're looking through. Take a break, if you need to, but you're in deep dog shit if you don't come back quickly, ya hear?

  5. Hang in there! A bad photo of yours would be a wonderful photo for anyone else. Don't loose sight of what an amazing little piece of history you are creating here for your family to look back on, we won't judge you during the newborn zombie haze.

  6. i agree with the comment above, your pictures make me catch my breath with their beauty, you project is wonderful…i linked to you as my favourite this week in the 52 project as well xxxxxx

  7. i agree with jess, we are all so amazed by your beautiful photos. keep going as best you can, it will be so worth it in the end. x

  8. noooooo keep going you bring me so much inspiration. FWIW, I did a project 365 (far less well executed than yours, I must say) and there were days when I really had to force myself to pick up the camera. sometimes it was a snap with my iPhone. I think that's the nature of the project. you can't feel inspired every day. and, my goodness, I could barely blog with one child who was six months old, let alone two little ones! keep going, you're doing great things with your kids and your photography. I'd miss your posts if they weren't here.

  9. Hi,Stopping by from Jodi's project. Just couldn't take my eyes off your lamb and fox photos! So looking forward to following your blog and reading more…please don't ever stop blogging, you are amazing as I find it difficult with one toddler to keep up with normal posts etc…can't even think what it would be like with two! But as everyone else said, whatever you are able to document adds to the precious memories 🙂

    I added your capture to my last week's favourites, as they are truly amazing and beautiful pictures!

    Ritz xx


  10. GORGEOUS!!!!! Please keep going, I'm always looking for your shots. If you want to see other sleepy shots I have one of my son this week.

  11. Again, my heart just melted.. You have such a great eye.. Those gorgeous kids sure help too 😉

    Brandy Jane Mabel

  12. I'm with the ladies, photos are stunning and so inspirational, please don't give up! This pregnant mama (expecting our 2nd) loves dropping by – thanks for sharing xx

  13. I am SO impressed with how you are keeping up this blog. I did a 365 last year with two children and it was HARD (and neither of them was a newborn). Just keep clicking, drop the blog aspect for a while if it takes the pressure off and get back to the online side of it when you can. Trust me, you will not regret pushing through this difficult phase when you get to the end of it.
    I have a book full of my 365 photos and it fills me with so much pride when I flick through it. Some of those photos are VERY dodgy but then there are some moments of pure bliss that I am so happy I took the time to capture.
    I completely agree with other posters, your work inspires me!

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